Monday, 28 December 2015

Soaring Above Surreal Cappadocia In a Beautiful Hot Air Balloon

Cappadocia is one of the spectacular as well as exciting landscapes across the world. It’s sometimes unbelievable, fantastic and often absurd. The duckling through the caves, turning corners and reaching peaks, you will find lots of experiences, when confronted with a challenge of discovery, which just strike you in the face.

When you are in Cappadocia, the hot air balloon tour can offer you a specialized set of adventures for tourists when they sail above the fairy chimneys and magnificent landscapes. Even in winter, hot air balloon tour in Cappadocia is in great demand. However, hot air balloon tour in Turkey’s Cappadocia area is most popular for its uneven rock formations, named fairy chimneys, even during winter due to the higher interest. Appealing around two and a half million visitors every year, the tourist destinations of Cappadocia, includes the Goreme Open Air Museum, the majestic ruins of Pasabagi and Zelve and also the underground cities like Derinkuyu and Kaymakli. 

Tourists coming from all over the world visit this region during the coolest days of the winter to discover its snow-covered scenic beauty, the valleys as well as the fairy chimneys. In fact, the temperature of Cappadocia sometimes -15C, but many travelers don’t full stop their journey without taking a hot air balloon ride across the Cappadocia. 

Magnificent Sunrise Views When Hot Air Ballooning Over Cappadocia

On the day I started my balloon tour in Cappadocia, it was around 3 am and was so cold. I wanted to press the snooze button, but I couldn’t! As soon as the alarm rung up, I got up and wear some warm clothes I had and waited outside of my cave hotel in Goreme for the vehicles to arrive. Upon its arrival, I headed over for a sunrise hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. Along with all other travelers, we reached at the takeoff point, where I saw flashes of sparkling light burst from the balloons and our excitement was suddenly developed. 

After that, we accommodated in our specific baskets and within a few minutes, the beautiful balloon started its journey. The flame of heat beneath the balloon offered so much comfort during the winter morning hours. When the early morning sun came up, we rose high above the magical Rose Valley. The moment was just inexpressible, like a fairy tale or a dream, where you get to look every frozen across the surrounding. At first you will think it’s just your imagination, but after some time you will know that it’s the reality. In simple words, ballooning over Cappadocia is such a moment, which’s truly indescribable; that can only need to experienced to understand. All I can say is that there’s nothing, which can ever compare with the balloon tour memories in Cappadocia. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment and it has delivered all my expectations that I all have. 


When it comes to travel in the Cappadoccia region of Turkey, hot air ballooning is the most obvious sport of choice. It’s quite easy to explore when you take a glimpse at the town of Goreme, the mountain village famous for its fairy chimney, rock formations. When I was in Cappadocia, I got to see that tons of balloons took flight in the morning and also the snow started to cover the spectacular wilderness. 

However, these flights may seem like they should be only for the professionals, but the balloons are always available for the everyday tourists. I took a flight on my balloon tour in Cappadocia with Turkey Tours By Local Guides. They are quite professional and friendly people. I admit that I was a bit afraid when took a flight, but the pilot was so courteous and encouraged me to get rid of my fears.
If you are thinking to visit Cappadocia now, you should check out beautiful winter flights for your balloon tour in Cappadocia at Turkey Tours By Local Guides. I’m sure you will love the flight and will get loads of fun-filled experience of your lives!

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