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Top 4 Mesmerizing Destinations That You Should Add To Your Istanbul Tour

Well, a Turkey tour is incomplete without visiting the stunning, exciting, vibrant city, Istanbul. This is one of the most popular, historic city in Turkey and is a home to over 13 million people; which makes it second most populated city around the world. Even, this sightseeing destination hosts lots of things to do and see. If you have a shortage of time, then go through our selections for destinations to visit in Istanbul. No doubt, these amazing destinations can definitely make you fall in love with this city and want to visit this ancient city time and time again.

Picturesque Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque, established in the early 17th century  is a home to handful mosques throughout the world boasting six minarets. Well, one question arises in mind, is it really blue! In fact, not noticeably; but all the walls of the mosque are equipped with finest iznik tiles. This mosque even houses the tomb of Sultan Ahmed I, the person who had given the name the name of this mosque as well as the neighborhood.
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Shopping in The Grand Bazaar
In fact, the Grand Bazaar is a must-see destination in Istanbul. Even if you find shopping boring and dull, while visiting the Grand Bazaar you will love this market the most! Since 1461, the Bazzar has been covering around 60 streets and having 500 shops and traders. You will find here everything; from pottery, rugs, jewelry to the clothes. Worldwide visitors can wander around the architectural shops, winding roads, stunning surrounding areas. Spare some time during your visit to Istanbul and go to The Bazaar; no doubt you will spend the entire afternoon in shopping!

Visit the Basilica Cistern
However, the Basilica Cistern was constructed for the water storage purposes for the Great Palace in the 6th century. After that, it was no longer fit for any purpose. But now it has restored beautifully; so you can enjoy here seeing the stunning marble columns supporting the ceiling and wander around this ancient, hidden gem of Istanbul.

Spectacular Wonders at the Topkapi Palace
The Topkapi Palace was earlier an abode to the Ottoman Sultans over 400 years; but now it stands out as the top most sightseeing attractions of Istanbul. The name Topkapi means ‘Cannon Gate’ which was given in the 19th century; previously this palace is known as The New Palace.  Here, you can witness the ultimate splendor of the Sultan’s residence, the harem and the splendid courtyards. So immerse yourself in the ancient royal history of this palace by spending the whole afternoon wandering around the spectacular surroundings.

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How To Visit These Captivating Istanbul Destinations
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